72 Hour Kit






Toilet Paper

Card games, small toys, and/or paper and pencil

Hand Sanitizer


Blanket or Sleeping Bag for each person.

Soap (one per person) & Ziplock Bag or other lightweight container to put it in.



Medications required by Family Members.  When impossible to receive more than 1 month of meds, you could rotate one week's supply in and out of your 72 hour kit or make a huge note on the backpack  reminding you to pick it up on the way out the door.

Critical Medical Histories required by family members and copies of critical papers including birth certificates, insurance policies, Patriarchal Blessings etc.  These should be sealed in waterproof bags i.e. foodsaver bags.  (Hint:  Most ziplock bags are not waterproof.)  EFFAK

$25-$50 Cash for family (include small change for phones and small bills)

Toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste (1 per person)

Pocket-sized Book of Mormons. (small set of scriptures)


3 - 6 Gallons of water per Person

Food Requiring no refrigeration (Non-Perishable food)

Small Towel (one per person)


Change of clothing for each family member (including 2 pairs of socks, jacket, and rain pocho)

Emergency Reflective Blanket for each family member

Comb or Brush and Hair Accessories for Girl's Hair (1 per person)


Pocket Knife (for adult members) if this has a can opener, great!  Otherwise you may need a can opener also (depending on your food supplies).

Insect Repellent

Sample Size Shampoo per person


Water Sanitation System (Katadyne filter or water purification tablets)

Plastic Bags (smaller trash)




Choose one or more from the Following:

           Flashlight w/ extra batteries
           Emergency or Long Burning Candles/Waterproof matches
           Light Sticks

Sewing Kit (include small scissors)


Ax or hatchet (optional)

Diapers (as needed)

Wipes (everyone can use)

Hygiene supplies (as needed)


Replace Water (as needed)

Replace Food (as needed)

Disposable razor (as needed)


Check clothes for sizes and switch out as needed.

Battery Operated, Solar, or Crank Radio (w/extra batteries, if needed)

50 foot rope and sheet (for privacy)

Hiking shovel


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