Samuel Moore




Eunice and Samuel Moore were married on 7 April, 1829 or 30. They made their first home in Orange, Franklin, Mass. Their first child was a girl born 2 Dec. 1830. They named her Ann. Little Ann only lived 4 days. Christmas must have been a dreary time for Eunice and Samuel that year. On 17 May, 1832 a second daughter was born. She was named Sophronia and was a delight to her parents. Then not quite four years later, on 29 Feb. 1836 a son was born. He was named Stephen Bliss Moore after his Maternal Grandfather who had died the past September. Then the following year Samuel's father died on 23 August, 1837.

With the loss of loved ones, and a yearning and searching for something better in life, they were well prepared to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ when it came into their lives. They listened to the missionaries and the chords of truth brought a joy to their hearts and they knew this was what they had longed and searched for. They embraced the gospel wholeheartedly and desired to go and be with the Saints. It meant leaving a comfortable home and friends, and putting in a wagon all their belongings that could be carried with them, and leaving all the rest. With Eunice being big with child, they left Orange, Franklin, Massachusetts and journeyed west to be with the Saints.

The Story of Samuel Moore and Eunice Sibley Bliss, Originally Compiled by Connie Annetta Sorensen Rausch Sept. 1985, Found at: Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Salt Lake City, Utah





    History by GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER Zora Smith Jarvis



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