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BRIMHALL FAMILY HISTORY starting with CECIL SMITH BRIMHALL and PIONEER ANCESTORS  Contains a picture pedigree chart and records obtained from the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Library.  As this is not a completed projects, I am still working on including Census Records, Pictures and Letters.


PEDIGREE CHART with links to individuals.   With links to Individual Pages.  Most of the information is held in the above PDF download.  See BRIMHALL FAMILY HISTORY.



TIME LINE - Tracks the movements of our Ancestors from their birth to the settlement of Utah and sometimes further.

LESSONS FROM OUR ANCESTORS - Extracts from their History which share what Day to Day life was like.

FORUMS - Online chat area to share stories about our Family History and to collaborate in our Family History Projects.

CENSUS RECORDS - Pictures of the census records that I have been able to obtain so far.  I find it really neat to look at these records!  Census Records should also be listed on the Individual Pages.

INDIVIDUAL PAGES - Alphabetical & other listing of individuals.




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